20 years later

I’ve had this blog since, like 2002, I think? It has always just been a dumping ground for ideas and things I’ve tried. No agenda. No attempt to monetize. No awareness. No direction. No purpose. These last three are the things I say under my breath when I dodge those annoying individuals at a grocery store who just stop in the middle of the damn aisle while they ponder chocolate truffle extruded quinoa paste dusted with the decaying corpses of billions of yeast cells.

Tomorrow I have my yearly physical and I know already that the doc is going to point to my cholesterol and A1C numbers and say, “You gonna die sooner than you think.”

There’s my awareness.

I also love a lady who has celiac/sprue. We’ve been together for well over 10 years and in that time, I’ve embraced and learned how to cook for someone that has some pretty stringent dietary restrictions.

Now I have to do better for myself as well. I’m no fast food junkie and generally eat well. Note… well. Not overtly healthy or with a goal beyond sustenance.

There’s my purpose.

Now for direction. I hate most recipe blogs. So many people vying to impress with soft focus perfectly staged piles of food that took 2 hours to plate because that last black sesame seed just didn’t sit right on that perfectly formed bead of oil glistening on a now room temperature block of hoisin crusted tofu.

My goal here is to simply present good ideas with good nutrition with the intention of being better for me and my loved one.

Right now I have a cell phone, a moderately well lit kitchen and a full time job. I get two days off to do my laundry, pay bills, practice saxophone, spend time with Wendy, and then prep for the upcoming week. I don’t have time to eff around with lighting, angles, and all that blog-o-sphere crap. Straight forward and simple.

If you see a link like this, Nutritional Value, that is a breakdown of the recipe for data nerds like me. I donated to the www site. You should too.

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