After working and educating in the food industry, I realized that the nerd in me was all about the nutritional data. My awareness of the importance of macro-nutrients has grown dramatically in the past decades. Now that I have a medical diagnosis that REQUIRES my daily attention to what I eat, I have been motivated to find tools that will help me track and plan.

Sadly, greed makes most of the accurate ones unavailable to individuals. Not to worry. I found two that do a really good job…

CRONOMETER – is a www based food / exercise diary with a VAST database of food at both the ingredient and produced level. There is a “free” option that is more than functional for most individuals. The www site is fast and accessible. There is also an app for the phone so you track on the road.

Here are some screen grabs of an active day. I totally dig the breakdown of macronutrients!

A day at work.
Still got to cut them carbs!
Protein intake is ok.

NutritionValue.ORG – is another www based recipe / ingredient nutritional database. There is no phone based app and the interface is kind of clunky. HOWEVER, it does do a complete breakdown of macro and micro nutrients and allows you to create recipes for later use. It’s totally free but does rely on donations. I donated. You should to.

Here’s a screen shot of a recipe and it’s analysis.