quick amazing cheesy pasta

Update 2023: Sometimes the throw togethers are a hit. This is one of those times

worst picture ever

saute 1/2 vidalia onion over medium heat with salt and pepper

add 3 cloves garlic once onion beings to caramelize, saute for one minute

add 1 cup diced tomatoes and liquid, simmer for five minutes

set aside tomato onion garlic mix in bowl

form large thin patty of jimmy deans maple sausage, cook in same pan as tomato and onions to develop crust on both sides of patty

remove and small dice patty, scrape frond from pan, add sausage and frond to tomato onion mix, and set aside

bring 2 qt water to boil, add salt, add 8 oz  dried pasta (tri color rotini), cook to al dente, strain, return to pan

add tomato onion sausage mixture to pasta, cover over low heat, cook for 10 minutes stirring occasionally

add grated cheddar, romano, and parmesan cheese

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